Gromit and Rosebud Have Puppies

WHO WE ARE . . .

Gromit and Rosebud are “free-range” dogs who love jazz music, romantic dinners and long walks in the park.    Their owners, Chris and Traci are just regular people who love jazz,,,(well not Traci) romantic dinners and long walks in the park.

We are not a puppy mill…in fact we don’t even know any puppy mills!    Both of our doggies became really good friends after COVID 19 broke out and we all moved up to Kahshe Lake to escape the madness.  Since the middle of March, Gromit and Rosebud have been guarding our cottage against racoons, squirrels and geese…..these are pretty good dogs…except for Rosebud who always sleeps on our bed!

Both dogs absolutely LOVE the water!    In fact Gromit was the winner of our “Big Dogs” category “Dogs With Fleas” race last year at Fleafest!  Gromit took the course beating long time rival “Roxie” by almost one lap.