Author Topic: Five Year Flea - still slogging!  (Read 161 times)


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Five Year Flea - still slogging!
« on: June 21, 2020, 02:06:02 PM »
Hey gang - Happy Fathers' Day to one and all.

I though after years of very slow progress I'd post some info on our seemingly endless XL build my son and I are doing. Well into our 4th year....yikes.

We looked each other earlier this spring and realized if we don't get a move on he'll be off to university and I'll be left holding the bag.....of sawdust.  :wink:

So I thought if I commisserated with folks here it might help to push us along.

I'll start with a a video we actually made last year, assuming we'd be finished by summer. Ha!

Finally, huge shout out to Chris who has answered endless emails over those years in an effort to help us get on the water. Thanks man!

So...herewith, a wee bit of history...

Damn...cut it three times and it's STILL too short....