04: Hasty Hydro Plans – 8′

The Hasty Hydro is a true “3-Pointer” with only the front sponsons and the extreme aft end of the hull actually touching the water when this firecracker is up on plane.   William Jackson  did not intend this boat to be used for sanctioned racing, but rather to give the builder a real sense of speed and performance.  Although designed for motors in the 5 to 15 HP range, more experienced drivers could easily  drop a 25 HP kicker on the back and expect the GPS to fly past 50 MPH!  Slightly more complicated to build.   We now have these free plans as high definition 600 dpi PDF images.  You will not find a better set of plans with this quality anywhere on the internet.   These are scans taken directly from the original magazine.   Click on the link below to download a 54 MB multi-page PDF document.    We also have full size versions of this design for sale elsewhere on this site.


Click HERE for a 54 MB High Definition multi-page file