Boating Tips

For the experienced hydroplane enthusiast, running most seafleas will no doubt seem like a “walk-in-the-park.”  For the uninitiated however, getting to know the feel and understanding its limitations will be more of a challenge. My cousin recently had the distinction of being the first driver  to go airborne with a Mini Max as he throttled up too quickly while the motor was still turned.  The boat did  however settled down quite nicely and avoided  being dragged back to shore upside down.  We have learned many hard lessons from our experiences, and so we pass these words of wisdom onto you….

1.  A PFD is absolutely essential!  (You’re not cruising in the Queen Elizabeth… and being tossed out rather abruptly is only a matter of time.)

2.  Install a kill switch so when you ARE tossed out rather abruptly your precious boat won’t go speeding towards the rocks!

3.  Tie down your motor, gas tank, safety equipment and anything else that might go drifting to the bottom of the lake!

4.  If you wear glasses, get those glass stretchy cord thinggy’s that will prevent them from flying off your face. If they do, then make sure there is some sort of “floaty” thing on the cord so you won’t have to go SCUBA diving after your $350.00 prescription shades.

5.  Assume that you WILL get absolutely soaked while riding about, since most Seafleas are very good at slicing right through the middle of tall unexpected waves.

6.  It’s very easy to look cool driving around the lake in this mini speedster, so don’t get distracted waving to admirers…keep your eyes where they should be.

7. Abruptly cutting the engine from a high rate of speed will cause the stern of the boat to fill with water as the backwash comes rushing over the transom and fills the cockpit area.  (bath anyone?!?!)

8.  Potentially more nerve wrecking however is “gunning” the engine from a standing start – Make sure you lean forward since this baby likes to send her nose high to the air before she planes.

9.  Motor trim adjustments are critical!  Spend time finding that perfect setting.  Don’t compromise stability for speed!!

10.  Read boating tip #3 again…..especially the part about putting a safety chain on your motor.  Check out this official Public Service Announcement Video.  Click here for the Quicktime version.


You guys better behave yourself…’s a idea of what the Canada Shipping Act, Small Vessel Regulations says about idiots on the water…..check this out…….

(Offences and fines including court costs and victim surcharges)

Operating a pleasure craft not over 6m:

-with insufficient number of personal flotation devices on board   $255.00
-without a buoyant heaving line of at least 15m   $130.00
-without a manual propelling device or without an anchor with at least 15m of line   $130.00
-without the prescribed bailer or manual water pump and hose   $130.00
-without a prescribed fire extinguisher   $255.00
-without a watertight flashlight or insufficient number of prescribed pyrotechnic distress signals   $130.00
-without a sound signaling device or appliance   $130.00
-without a license number or not marked in prescribed manner   $130.00
-while towing a person on water without a person on board keeping watch  $130.00

-Speeding  in excess of 10km/h within 30 m of shore   $130.00
-Operating a boat within five miles of shore without noise abatement mechanism   $130.00
-Operating a personal watercraft – person under 16 years of age   $130.00
-Failure to have on board proof of competency – person born after April 1, 1983   $315.00
-Failure to have on board proof of age   $315.00
-Person under the age of 19 having/consumed liquor   $130.00
-Operating boat underway with open/unsealed container of liquor   $215.00
-Failure to shut off all engines before refueling   $130.00
-Fueling a portable tank in a pleasure craft that is dockside or beached   $130.00
-Fueling a fixed tank in a pleasure craft that is dockside or beached when another person is on board   $130.00
-Failure to operate engine space blower for a minimum 4 minutes before start up   $130.00
-Failure to comply with requirements of enforcement officer   $130.00
-Operating a small vessel in a careless manner   $255.00


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