13: Saucy Shingle Plans – 8′

This is what the now popular “Tiny Titan” was called back in the day.  In fact, the Saucy Shingle and the Tiny Titan ARE the same design.  When Glen-L  published the plans in Popular Mechanics, the magazine changed the name because they thought that “Saucy Shingle” sounded better.     Gayle Brantuk,  Vice President of Glen-L Marine has so kindly verified this information for us. It ran on the cover in 1966 and we sold thousands of Tiny Titan plans that year. The driver in the photo is Ken Hankinson who worked for us for about 22 years.”   This classic Three-Pointer is all speed and all fun.  There are many examples of this boat on our own site running motors from 9.9 all the way up to 25 HP!

Click HERE for multi-page plan PDF file