Author Topic: For Sale- Mercury Motor for Sea Flea or Hydroplane -Merc KG-7 and others  (Read 181 times)


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Mercury Super 10 Hurricane with steering bar and safety carb set up for remote Keller type throttle. $700.
Also available for this season:
KG-4@ 7 1/2HP, KF-7@10 HP, KE-7@10 HP, KG-7@10+ HP, Mark 15@10 HP, Mark 20@16HP and Mark 25@18HP.
Also available is a KG-4HQ or KG-7HQ with Quicksilver Racing lower unit.
Steering wheels ( 2 ) and Keller Safety throttles ( 2 ). Wain 705 725 8076
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Mercury "Sea Flea" Engines available-KG-4H, KG-7H, Mark 15H, KG-4 and KG-7 standard lower unit rebuilt engines-all for hydro's and runabouts!


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Hey Wain
I'm interested in your parts and motors can you give me an idea what your looking to get $$.