Fleafest 2017 – Welcome to Our Seventh Annual Festival of Family Fun!



This summer, Muskoka Seaflea is proud to host our seventh annual “Fleafest” in association with The  Kahshe Lake Ratepayers Association.  This family oriented fun-filled day will take place at the historic Rockhaven Inn on
beautiful Kahshe Lake.   Over 50 vintage and homebuilt seafleas will be in the water and on land displays.  The focus of this event will be the celebration  of seafleas and hydroplane racing that has been a part of this lake since the 1950’s.  Kluey’s Bay, once the hub of organized racing during the golden age, will again see new and vintage
hydro’s participating in a variety of non-competitive events and demonstrations.  The sharing of information among our members; model boat building for kids; in-water demonstrations of boat performance and handling; a “ride-a-long” seaflea-experience; land displays;  “flea-market” with vendors and antique outboard motors and guided lake tours with our “flea-tilla” of small boats are just a few of the activities scheduled for the day. Also on display will be a number of seaflea designs in various stages of construction for the novice builder.   The highlight  of the day will be a seaflea drive by parade in front of the docks at Rockhaven Inn.    Come and spend Canada Day with us at Rockhaven Inn and the warm seaflea friendly waters of Kahshe Lake.  We are proud to be bringing Fleafest back home.